I imagine us on a boat of muggy weather
You tell me your mother was a feathered mariner
A good omen over the suncurve, she died giving birth
So all up the seaboard, that’s your comefrom
You’re a veil burner, a pink evening sun

I imagine myself dry ice clouding the deck
I’m unseen with feet in the water, crypsislike
For my father was a painted snipe and
I’m in the reeds no matter where I seem
Toes dipped, wings tense, ready to leap

That’s not even it.

Outside of me we’re raking leaves
In an autumn crisp and ancient
When we have a big pile we jump in
I don’t think we’re children
I can’t be sure

Fall must fills our crowsfeet
We meet the most charming scorpions
You are pure and high and smooth
The speckleblue Egg-See
I am your heathentooth