Abundant aluminum filed in malleable members through the eviscerated Earthly equator.
Corralled between Cancer and Capricorn,
It conquered its constrictions,
Collected corner to corner,
Crafted a cylinder,
Locked its arms,
And lashed with little loquacity at its less encumbered creator.
The sweltering synergy of the center and sun welded it well.
The murdered moon marauded as meteors
And hammered it into a kola completion.

Fizzling, frothing, forgotten of fault,
Carbon, concerned, panicked and popped.
Hydrogen halted high at the heavens,
Blocked by the barricade of beaten bauxite.
Phosphorus found it footed by seven,
But by its own journey was too weak to catch it.
Nitrogen never knew of its nuance,
As oxygen offered to operate organized.
Every element, these exclusive, eradicated.
Completely conducive to kola completion…

Lime and lemon (partners of plumage)
Eyed an orange as it interloped.
Alcohol attacked with awry agitation.
Cinnamon clubs came as cold litigation.
Calming coriander catered a cease,
But nutmeg naturally negated his notion.
Molded were they, a medical malady,
And marble to carve toward kola completion.

The motley mixture met midway
And was wrangled through water with ropes of rust.
Reacting with rigor and rambling refinements,
Nefarious nuclear nothings served something,
And augmented each other, preparing its platform.
The Coke of Aquarius was primed on its haunches
As a tin of trade secrets and celebrity sponsors.
It was launched like a lie into kola completion.

A canister catapulted to kola completion;
Exploding, elaborate, effervescent, and effluent.
It accentuates aptly the arm of astrology:
The fantastic font of its foundry’s phalanges.

Now it depletes, attractive and ferrous
Flattening fast as The Coke of Aquarius